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“It’s not important what you find at the end of a race. It’s important what you feel while you’re running”.

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giorgio faletti il sorteggio

Director:  Giacomo Campiotti
Year: 2010

Turin, 1977, the “Years of Lead” of terrorism in Italy. Tonino works at the Fiat Mirafiori factory, living in a humble but decent way, sharing with his girlfriend a passion for dancing. Tonino is looking for social and economic redemption, and his life will change when he is raffled off to be a juror at the first red Brigades’ trial. Tonino is well aware of the risks and has to make a choice that, in any way, is going to change him deeply.


giorgio faletti film toy story 3

Director: Lee Unkrich
Anno: 2010
In the Italian version, Giorgio Faletti is the voice of Chukles.

When Andy grows up and goes to University, Buzz Lightyear, woody and all the other toys are donated by mistake to the Sunnyside Daycare. There a lot of spare parts and batteries, but unfortunately playing with little kids turns into a nightmare, and Lotso the bear, leader of the daycare’s toys, does nothing to help them. To make things worse, it looks like Buzz has joined forces with the bear. Only Woody is brave enough to plan an escape. Will he succeed in saving the toys?



giorgio faletti film baaria

Director: Giuseppe Tornatore
Year: 2009

Baarìa is the ancient Phoenician name of the Sicilian town Bagheria. Tornatore portrays the life in Bagheria between 1930 and 1960 thru the events of three generations of a family. A funny and melancholy story of big passions and overwhelming utopia. The movies portrays one century of the Italian history: the World Wars, Fascism, Communism, the Christian Democracy party and Socialism. In “Baarìa” there is also the thwarted love story between Peppino and Mannina.


giorgio faletti cemento armatoDirector: Marco Martani
Year: 2007

In a spectacular and suburban Rome, never seen like this before, a cross-revenge takes place, a clash between Good and Evil, between the two leading characters, a sort of modern David and Goliath, the dreamer Diego and the cynical “Primario”, a mob boss.
The day that changes their life is full of races, revenges, tricks and feelings, with the looming shadow of a malicious fate that leads the young Diego to cross path with a world bigger than him.

THE NIGHT BEFORE THE EXAMS (Notte prima degli esami)

giorgio faletti film notte prima degli esamiDirector: Fausto Brizzi
Year: 2006

In a colourful summer of the 80’s, Luca and his friends get ready to face the much feared graduation exam. But instead of studying, they manage to collect an incredible series of funny misadventures: Luca dares to insult Martinelli, the meanest professor of literature ever, finding out only 10 seconds later that he’ll be part of the examination committee. And as if that wasn’t enough, few hours later Luca falls in love with Claudia, an exuberant girl met at a party, finding out only 10 seconds later that she’s engaged with a boy with 20 pounds of muscle more than him.

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